Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Throwing a Strawberry Shortcake Party

A Strawberry Shortcake Party for her

Strawberry Shortcake is a very famous cartoon series and one of the foremost famous character themes for little girl’s birthday parties. Though the cartoon series ended a while back it still attracts the attention of young girls today through reruns and they are crazy about it. Decked up in all shades of pink the cartoon was a storming hit and it gives a lot of ideas for hosting a little girl’s birthday party. The main attraction of such parties is generally the dessert menu. The Strawberry Shortcake Party is the best to impress girls of any age. The little ones are especially going to be more excited and happy. Sending out creative and unique invitation to the guest is the first step towards a wonderful birthday celebration. Some ideas to enhance the atmosphere of such a get-together include.

1. Birthday cake in the shape of the Strawberry’s Shortcake house, hat or her dress is going to attract a lot of attention and can become the center of attraction. Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry or jelly frosting are going to add a five-star appeal to the birthday. Keeping food items in shades of pink can make the party shimmering and glittering. Do not forget to keep strawberries for the guest to enjoy. A two-tier or three-tier strawberry cake is another option depending on the budget allocated for the cake and eatables.

2. The next challenging thing is getting the birthday girl dressed up like strawberry shortcake. A striped tee-shirt with matching shoes and blue jeans will make her resemble the famous cartoon characters. Curled hair and a big playful hat will make her identical to the characters in the cartoons. A pink color dress is also a very favorable option if the budget allows.

3. Decoration forms the backbone of any get-together. Decorating the room or hall to mesmerize and capture the attention of the guests is of utmost importance. Streamers, balloons, napkins and plates in pink and green color will add color to the party. Use streamers of various colors and shapes and hang them from the ceiling to beautify the room even more.

4. You can hire a professional face-painter to paint strawberries on the kid’s face. Coloring the pages of from a book consisting characters of the famous strawberry shortcake characters is going to be fun for the kids and the birthday girl. Holding contest and give away prizes to the most creative and colorful child. Make sure that all the kids receive a gift to ensure no one returns home in a sad mood. Hiding strawberry candies and asking the kids to find all the hidden goodies is another great way to keep them engaging and a great way to entertain the girls.

5. Strawberry Shortcake party favors can include strawberry headbands, pink color necklace, small goodies bag consisting of cookies and color books containing pictures of the Strawberry Shortcake characters.

A planner or party organizer can be hired to make the birthday bash a huge success and memorable for everyone who attends it.